Updates on key developments in genomics

Genomics in government policy

How do we bring exciting research, exceptional medicine and public opinion to routine clinical practice?

Point-of-care testing in genomics

Rapid advances in technology are revolutionising healthcare. How viable is portable DNA testing?

Reference genome: defining human difference

In order to make assertions about genomic variation and health, scientists rely on the ‘reference genome’ – but how definitive is it?

Genomics and the 'Angelina Jolie effect'

In recent years, celebrities have raised the profile of genetic testing - but is all publicity good publicity?

Building trust in genomic medicine

‘Genomics’ is a buzzword for clinicians, but what efforts are being made to engage the public? 

Cracking the genetic code

Making sense of the language of DNA to help transform 21st century healthcare and beyond

Food, glorious food and its bitter after taste

As the annual Brussel sprout debate approaches, the difference between those who love or loathe them seems to be determined by our DNA

‘Omic’ insights into Parkinson’s disease

Recent research reveals potential dawn of personalised medicine for neurological disorders might be more than just 'gut feeling'

Nurses at the front line of personalised medicine

NHS North West staff lead the charge in adopting genomic technologies in healthcare with pioneering use of new gene test 

Up close and personal for better breast cancer treatments

New project launched at Cancer Research Cambridge Institute helps to bring medicine based on DNA sequencing to the clinic

The challenge of variant classification

Exploring the complex issue of interpretation - can updated standards and guidelines help achieve increased clarity and consistency? 

The missing 'genomic link' between smoking and cancer

Scientists reveal a permanent ‘footprint’ left on genome from the number of cigarettes smoked in a lifetime

Looking good: genomic-based approaches in eye disease

Gene-based treatments for eye diseases advance in the battle against blindness and related life-threatening conditions

Testing toddlers for inherited heart disease

Blood test at birth could reveal genetic high cholesterol levels, potentially preventing heart problems developing in the future

The life of a cell

From the 17th century to the latest Nobel Prize winner - could we now be closer than ever in our understanding of the building blocks of all life?

The need for diversity in genomic data

Genomic research calls for broader genetic representation to ensure future healthcare could be truly personalised

The first ‘three-parent baby’ – of many?

Birth of baby boy with DNA from three parents puts ethical debate on mitochondrial transfer technique back in the spotlight

Liquid biopsy – a new era in personalised medicine?

Examining the promises and challenges of exciting advances taking place in genetic testing, aiming to improve diagnosis and reduce patient risk

Personalised medicine in the NHS: what will it mean?

Moving away from trial and error treatments to patient care tailored to your unique genetic makeup  

Nutrigenomics: 5 facts about your genes, diet and health

As nutrigenomics edges nearer to the mainstream, are we any closer to preventing disease through dietary changes?

Various types of variant: what is genomic variation?

The diversity of differences in our genomes and their complex relationship with health and disease