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Microscopic view of multiple chromosomes.

Sequencing the Y chromosome – five things we now know

After years of research, a fully annotated sequence of the human Y chromosome has been published. We celebrate this breakthrough with a few key facts

Children at centre of new genomics health research programme

New genomic bioresource D-CYPHR seeks to decode the DNA at the heart of childhood disease
A strand of stylised blue DNA on a plain background with a magnifying glass focusing on a section of the DNA strand

How has whole genome sequencing transformed the investigation of rare disease?

The way in which rare diseases are investigated has been opened up by whole genome sequencing. We look at its impact on both clinicians and patients

Polygenic scores show promise for improved prostate cancer detection

Three in ten men would have been spared an invasive prostate cancer-confirming biopsy if their own genomic data were considered, say Stanford University researchers

The DDD study: Delivering diagnoses

Thousands of children have received results thanks to the DDD study – we look at some of the factors responsible for its success

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Funding applications now open for Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework

Prospective students may now apply for funding to undertake Master’s-level CPPD modules and qualifications in genomics at partner universities

Join our new solid tumour course evaluation team

Be one of the first to complete and review our new online course for clinicians unfamiliar with requesting genomic testing

Genomic testing for rare disease: Learn with the experts

Join a new cohort of learners supported by expert clinicians on the latest mentored run of the National Genomics Education programme’s popular course

New horizon-scanning webinar series for 2023

The GEP has launched the first of an exciting series of expert webinars designed to create a link between academia and genomics education


Dr-Balfour-Lynn 420x420

LinkAGE Webinar 6: How Kaftrio changed the world of cystic fibrosis

In this sixth webinar in the gene-directed therapies series, Dr Balfour-Lynn will discuss CFTR modulators and how they have changed the world of cystic fibrosis
A computer image of a DNA sequence

Paediatric GeNotes: Facilitating genomics mainstreaming for paediatric clinicians

The RCPCH genomics programme and Genomics Working Group, in collaboration with the HEE Genomics Education Programme, are hosting a 'Month of Genomics'
A group of people listening to a presentation.

Genomics in obstetrics and gynaecology

Register for this new hybrid course developed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to increase awareness and understanding of genomics and its application in obstetrics and gynaecology