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Microscopic view of multiple chromosomes.

Sequencing the Y chromosome – five things we now know

After years of research, a fully annotated sequence of the human Y chromosome has been published. We celebrate this breakthrough with a few key facts
An illustrated image of a magnifying glass looking at a strand of DNA

Whole genome sequencing: Seven uses in health and research

In part two of our blog series, we look at the many UK initiatives that are taking advantage of the power and precision of whole genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing for diagnosis of infants

In the first of a two-part series about whole genome sequencing, we look at how this technology is being used to diagnose newborns in the NHS

What's in a little variation?

Genomic variation is the root of many of our traits, including what we look like and our susceptibility to many diseases. But what is it?
A strand of stylised blue DNA on a plain background with a magnifying glass focusing on a section of the DNA strand

How has whole genome sequencing transformed the investigation of rare disease?

The way in which rare diseases are investigated has been opened up by whole genome sequencing. We look at its impact on both clinicians and patients
illustrated image of two health professionals in conversation

Experts through experience: Becky’s story

Today, as part of our #GenomicsConversation week, we hear from Becky about her daughter’s complex condition, which remains undiagnosed even after genomic testing


Genomics & Children’s Medicine: Everything You Need To Know

The South East Genomic Medicine Service are hosting a Genomics Autumn Festival.
An aerial view of the city of London

Genomics & Inherited Epilepsy Study Day Event

The NHS North Thames and South East Genomic Medicine Service Alliance are hosting a free Genomics & Inherited Epilepsy Study Day event.
Great Ormond Street Learning Academy

Personalised Medicine for Paediatricians: The Essentials

A one day virtual course covering the essentials of personalised medicine in paediatrics.
An illustrated image of people of all ages going about their daily lives.

The Circle of Life - Niche to Necessity Webinar

Niche to Necessity: The Circle of Life webinar will explore genomics and its use within nursing, midwifery and health visiting practice
An external view of the Midland Hotel Manchester

Endocrine Genetic Testing

A new one-day training event, Endocrine Genetic Testing, is taking place on 12 September in Manchester.
A group of colleagues standing around a laptop

Association of Medical Educators (ASME)

Join us at the Developing a Diverse Workforce event to hear from Genomics Education Programme colleagues about their work on GeNotes and the Clinical Pathway Initiative.