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Children at centre of new genomics health research programme

New genomic bioresource D-CYPHR seeks to decode the DNA at the heart of childhood disease
The underside of a newborn baby's feet, showing the heels.

New genetic condition to be included in UK newborn screening

The rare condition tyrosinaemia type 1 may soon be included in national newborn blood spot screening
A baby in a blue sleep suit lies inside an incubator.

A ground-breaking new gene therapy has saved the life of its very first NHS patient

A baby girl is showing no further signs of the fatal genetic disorder metachromatic leukodystrophy after treatment with an exciting new gene therapy
A medical image of a heart

How can genomics combat doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity?

This week, we examine the role that genomics could play in reducing the number of child cancer patients who experience doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity

Achromatopsia gene therapy partially restores children’s colour vision

A new gene therapy for achromatopsia has partially restored colour vision in two children, according to new research

Genomics in midwifery: A changing landscape

We explore genomics’ real-world application and potential in a conversation with national midwifery lead for NHSE/I, Donna Kirwan

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New GeNotes specialty: Paediatrics is now live!

The flagship GeNotes resource continues to grow at pace with the addition of more than 100 new resources for paediatrics
Silhouette of patient and health professional

GeNotes: Fetal and Women’s Health now live!

National Genomics Education has added a new speciality to its flagship educational resource
A female doctor in blue scrubs puts a plaster on the arm of a small girl wearing yellow dungarees, who looks down at the plaster.

Join in with the month of genomics

Announcing an innovative new collaboration aimed at increasing awareness of genomics and understanding of its relevance to clinical care


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LinkAGE Webinar 6: How Kaftrio changed the world of cystic fibrosis

In this sixth webinar in the gene-directed therapies series, Dr Balfour-Lynn will discuss CFTR modulators and how they have changed the world of cystic fibrosis

LinkAGE Webinar 5: Targeting chemotherapy in paediatric oncology

Welcome to the fifth of our series of expert webinars. In this webinar Dr Sam Behjati will discuss how genomics can be used to target chemotherapies