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A graphic of an ear in isolation on a blue background. There are white and grey DNA strands going diagonally across the background

Gene therapy – a new approach for paediatric hearing loss

A new gene therapy is being trialled for children with a rare form of deafness caused by variants in the OTOF gene

What's in a little variation?

Genomic variation is the root of many of our traits, including what we look like and our susceptibility to many diseases. But what is it?
A strand of stylised blue DNA on a plain background with a magnifying glass focusing on a section of the DNA strand

How has whole genome sequencing transformed the investigation of rare disease?

The way in which rare diseases are investigated has been opened up by whole genome sequencing. We look at its impact on both clinicians and patients

First results returned from NHS cancer blood test 

Two in three patients with suspected cancer symptoms could receive an early diagnosis from a new blood test
A baby's fist closed around the finger of an adult.

All about mitochondria: Donation and developing treatments

In the second part of our mitochondria blog series, we look at mitochondrial donation, how it works and the impact it could have for families

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introducing the Genomics Training Academy

Inside GTAC, the Genomics Training Academy

The new online educational hub will support the specialist genomics workforce across the UK

Funding applications now open for Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework

Prospective students may now apply for funding to undertake Master’s-level CPPD modules and qualifications in genomics at partner universities

NHS England launches public consultation on clinical genomics services

In this online consultation, health professionals are invited to share their views on suggested changes to clinical genomics services in England
Kate Tatton-Brown

GEP welcomes new clinical director

Professor Kate Tatton-Brown takes leading role in HEE’s genomics programme


An aerial view of the city of London

Genomics & Inherited Epilepsy Study Day Event

The NHS North Thames and South East Genomic Medicine Service Alliance are hosting a free Genomics & Inherited Epilepsy Study Day event.
Great Ormond Street Learning Academy

Personalised Medicine for Paediatricians: The Essentials

A one day virtual course covering the essentials of personalised medicine in paediatrics.
A computer image of a DNA sequence

Paediatric GeNotes: Facilitating genomics mainstreaming for paediatric clinicians

The RCPCH genomics programme and Genomics Working Group, in collaboration with the HEE Genomics Education Programme, are hosting a 'Month of Genomics'