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Microscopic view of multiple chromosomes.

Sequencing the Y chromosome – five things we now know

After years of research, a fully annotated sequence of the human Y chromosome has been published. We celebrate this breakthrough with a few key facts

Children at centre of new genomics health research programme

New genomic bioresource D-CYPHR seeks to decode the DNA at the heart of childhood disease
Abstract graphic illustration representing people using circles, semi circles and blocks using the colours orange, light blue, dark blue, grey and white.

The role of genes in susceptibility to skin cancer

The UK is no sun-drenched paradise, but skin cancer is common among the population. As summer ends, we consider new research that may offer an explanation as to why

DNA clues discovered for asymptomatic and long Covid conditions

The HLA-B and FOXP4 DNA regions may be the link between Covid-19 symptom severity and our genome, according to two papers

Polygenic scores show promise for improved prostate cancer detection

Three in ten men would have been spared an invasive prostate cancer-confirming biopsy if their own genomic data were considered, say Stanford University researchers
Illustrated image of two health professionals in conversation

Experts through experience: Dave’s story

As part of this year’s #GenomicsConversation, we spoke to 100,000 Genomes Project participant Dave about his first-hand experiences of genomic testing in the NHS
illustrated image of two health professionals in conversation

Experts through experience: Becky’s story

Today, as part of our #GenomicsConversation week, we hear from Becky about her daughter’s complex condition, which remains undiagnosed even after genomic testing
shelves in a pharmacy with a selection of prescription drugs

Pharmacogenomics: The future of preventing adverse drug reactions

In the second part of our pharmacogenomics blog series, we look at how new research could lead to a more effective application of drugs

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Funding applications now open for Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework

Prospective students may now apply for funding to undertake Master’s-level CPPD modules and qualifications in genomics at partner universities
Illustrated health professionals all looking for something

The #GenomicsConversation 2023 is here!

Join the National Genomics Education programme and colleagues across the health service as we shine a spotlight on how genomics is shaping patient treatment and care

New GeNotes specialty: Paediatrics is now live!

The flagship GeNotes resource continues to grow at pace with the addition of more than 100 new resources for paediatrics


Genomics & Children’s Medicine: Everything You Need To Know

The South East Genomic Medicine Service are hosting a Genomics Autumn Festival.