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a row of test tubes in a lab with one being lifted out of the line-up

Career tips for genetic technologists and scientists: a conversation with Jennie Bell

Career advice for new genetic technologists and scientists from genomics lab director, consultant clinical scientist and GTAC professional lead Jennie Bell
In this illustration, a man in the foreground looks up at a signpost pointing in lots of different directions as he walks along a path. A woman nearby holds a clipboard and looks at two identical sheep in the distance. A man in the background gesticulates at a computer. They are all either walking along or standing on a path that winds through hills into the distance.

Professional journeys into genomics: A long and winding road

In this final instalment of our 2024 Genomics Conversation blog series, we ask Amy, Bernadette, Jessica, Marianne and Tobi how they feel about the future of genomic medicine
In this illustration, a man in an orange jacket looks through an oversized pair of binoculars into the distance. He is walking along a path, which winds up and down hills out of sight. In the background is a woman looking at a statue of a book. A statue of a pedigree sits nearby.

Professional journeys into genomics: Delving deeper

In the second part of our blog series for this year’s Genomics Conversation, our group of NHS healthcare professionals explains the power of genomics education in their practice
This illustration shows a woman with long dark hair walking along a path looking down at a map. She is surrounded by hills and buildings, and the path leads off into the distance. Behind her stands a zebra. She is walking past a double helix statue.

Professional journeys into genomics: Taking the first step

In this blog series for the 2024 Genomics Conversation, NHS healthcare professionals from medicine, nursing, pharmacy and midwifery share their inspiring genomics journeys
genomic counselling

Three career tips for genetic counsellors: a conversation with Dr Laura Boyes

Dr Laura Boyes, consultant genetic counsellor and GTAC genomic counselling professional lead, shares advice for new and aspiring practitioners

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Now live: Genomics communication skills survey

Have your say in the development of a new collection of ‘talking genomics’ e-learning
A female doctor is focused on a female patient's face as she is visually examining her. The patient is sitting down while the doctor treats her. It is an over-the-shoulder shot of the doctor examining the patient. The doctor is wearing a plastic apron and blue rubber gloves.

Genomics in dermatology: New resource launches today

Developed with Professor Neil Rajan of Newcastle University, this brand-new resource tackles all things genomics in dermatology

In-demand genomics course returns for another year

Healthcare professionals taught to think genomics via funded places on this popular introductory genomics course
A doctor sits in a chair with a clipboard on his lap and a pen in his hand. He is mid-conversation with the patient opposite him, who sits up on a hospital bed and leans slightly forward.

New in GeNotes: Cardiology launches today!

Developed by clinical experts for cardiologists working across the NHS, this brand-new GeNotes collection is the latest specialty to be added to the flagship genomics education resource.

Watch new ‘perspectives’ film series online

Patients present three different stories of the power, potential and pitfalls of genomic testing
A doctor sits in a chair with a clipboard on his lap and a pen in his hand. He is mid-conversation with the patient opposite him, who sits up on a hospital bed and leans slightly forward.

GeNotes Oncology: 30+ new articles added

The NHS England National Genomics Education Programme has expanded its oncology GeNotes collection with the addition of 34 new articles, covering a broad range of patient presentations, genomic testing guidance and further learning.


A magnified and illustrated image of a DNA strand.

Study Day: Applications of genomics in paediatrics

On 10th June 2024 the RCPCH are hosting a one-day, CPD-approved, in-person study day covering the fundamentals of genomics in paediatrics