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Date and Time

Mon, 12th Jun 2023, 5:00pm

to Mon, 12th Jun 2023, 6:00pm


Live via MS Teams

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In this LinkAGE webinar, a part of the gene-directed therapies series, Dr Balfour-Lynn will discuss CFTR modulators and how they have changed the world of cystic fibrosis (CF).

He will cover the basics of CF and its natural history, before going on to discuss the development of ivacaftor which became available for patients over a decade ago.

The webinar will also cover the highly effective CFTR modulator called Kaftrio which, since autumn 2021, has been available in the UK for children and adults. This drug has radically improved the health of the majority of people with CF and altered their prognosis hugely.

By the end of this sixth LinkAGE webinar you will be able to:

  • describe the natural history of CF before the era of CFTR modulators;
  • discuss the clinical trials that led to the licensing of these drugs; and
  • explore the real world experience of using kaftrio.

Who is the LinkAGE expert webinar series aimed at?

This webinar series is aimed at researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals who already have a strong understanding of fundamental genomics concepts. If you are just starting your learning journey, or need a quick refresher, we encourage you to check out our genetics and genomics learning centre.

Meet the speaker

Dr Ian Balfour-Lynn is a consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. Until his retirement from NHS clinical practice in March 2023, Dr Balfour-Lynn specialised in all aspects of paediatric respiratory medicine, including both tertiary and secondary care. He was the director of the Royal Brompton’s paediatric cystic fibrosis unit for 14 years and has multiple publications on clinical aspects of cystic fibrosis.

His other work has included being the chairman of the Cystic Fibrosis group (Paediatric assembly) in the European Respiratory Society, president of the British Paediatric Respiratory Society and sitting on NHSE’s Clinical Reference Group where he represented paediatric cystic fibrosis for 10 years.

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