Updates on key developments in genomics

Shooting the messenger: therapeutic targeting of RNA

As scientists learn more about the crucial role of ‘messenger’ molecules, many see effective targeting as the missing link in our treatment of disease

Human gene editing: where do we draw the line?

Advancements in our ability to alter the human genome have sparked fresh debate over ‘designer babies’ and health ethics

More than skin deep: genomics and dermatology

Improved understanding of the genetic basis of skin conditions is enabling better treatment for patients 

Genomics Master's series: joining the revolution

Doctor Imran Rafi talks about his experience as a funded student on our new Master’s in Genomic Medicine at Cambridge University

Genomics and zoonosis

From swine flu to Ebola, genome sequencing technology is enabling us to better understand cross-species infections

Epigenetics – the real key to everything?

It isn't all in the code. Gene alterations play a part in disease, but gene expression may ultimately prove equally - if not more - important 

Almost a miracle: gene-edited cells that can cure cancer

Since Layla Richards was cured of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, attention has turned to the possibilities of genome engineering 

The dark side of the genome – does it matter?

Scientists believe that just 2% of our DNA is responsible for encoding proteins. But what of the rest - can it really just be ‘junk’?

Genomic damage and repair: prize-winners and pioneers

Since Albert Kelner shone a light on the process of DNA repair in 1948, scientists have been working to harness the power of correction

Huntington disease and the potential of gene silencing

Will genomic therapy be the key to treating one of the UK's most devastating degenerative diseases?

The genomics of growing old: why do we age differently?

Studies of the genome and epigenetics are revealing influences that can extend or accelerate lifespan
what is precision medicine

Precision medicine: what is it and how will it be achieved?

Sir Bruce Keogh recently confirmed the NHS’s commitment to moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare towards a future of precision medicine. But how do we get there?

Genomics and the 'healthy smoker'

While smoking is undoubtedly associated with disease, there are smokers who escape. Are they just lucky?

Personalised medicine will be at the heart of the future NHS

The future of the NHS will be a personalised medicine service with genomics at its core, according to a new strategy adopted by NHS England

Cardiac genomics: putting research into practice

Scientists working for Genomics England’s cardiac GeCIP domain are tasked with translating data into improved diagnosis of heart conditions 

Circulating cell free DNA in pregnancy and cancer

Improved understanding of plasma DNA is opening up new possibilities for non-invasive testing and diagnosis

The modern face of genomic medicine

Genomics England’s new PanelApp is set to encourage shared knowledge and accelerate progress in whole genome sequencing analysis

Data: the heart of personalised medicine

With genomics high on the agenda, international initiatives bring together healthcare and technology to better understand complex information

Progress for personalised cancer therapies

Thanks to a wave of research projects, genomics is beginning to unravel the complexities of cancer and guide treatment for patients

Immortality, regenerative medicine, and the origin of death

Over the past century, huge advances have been made in bioengineering. But what can genomics bring to the table?
Diabetes and obesity

It's complicated: genomics, obesity and diabetes

Obesity and related conditions are a primary concern for the NHS, and genomic discoveries are changing attitudes to prevention and treatment