Updates on key developments in genomics

4.50 from Paddington to Genomics

A look at the journey from arsenic and ancient alchemy to modern-day pharmacogenomics

Genomics in the battle against Zika virus

How genomics is proving to be a vital resource in the ongoing fight against this globally infectious disease

Spot the difference: genomic sub-types of leukaemia

Recent genetic analysis exposes differences in blood cancer, offering hope for patients and the future of personalised medicine 

Getting a genetic handle on multiple sclerosis

The genetics behind MS are poorly understood, but a new discovery by Canadian researchers could shed light on the disease

The omics revolution

Genomics is changing medicine, providing insight into diagnosis of cancer and rare disease - but what could other 'omics' sciences reveal?

Prospects for an artificial human genome project

Could synthetic biology provide the next chapter in our ‘understanding of the blueprint of life’? 

Manipulation of the microbiome

Exploring the gut microbiome and how research into this ‘useful snapshot of the microbiota’ could change our lives

A new genomic map of breast cancer

Latest discovery in breast cancer marks a further step towards clearer genetic understanding of the disease

Genomes, microbiomes and mitochondria

Making sense of the fantastical and complex world of cells, their impact on health and potential discoveries from further research 

The search for superheroes immune to genetic disease

Following a recent study revealing some people possess 'superhero DNA', a new project aims to unlock the secrets of their powers

Genetic influences on the risk of stroke

New research sheds light on a group of genes that could play a key role in two major diseases: stroke and dementia  

Progress for paediatric gene therapy

Gene therapy for children now approved in Europe - what can this fusion of genomics and stem cell medicine mean for the future?  

The perils of clinical interpretation of genomic variants

A recent US legal case puts genetic testing and laboratory best practice under scrutiny 

Hidden viruses in the human genome  

As research reveals ancient viruses lurk in our DNA, can genomics provide the missing link in treatment of modern disease?

Unravelling genetic risk of schizophrenia

Recent research provides substantial and surprising evidence of the genetic effect on mental health 

Genomes without borders

As Scotland joins the 100,000 Genomes Project, we explore the…

Consciousness and the ‘brain-in-a-dish’

Could advances in genomics help neuroscientists reveal more about the power of the human brain? 

Probing pancreatic cancer genomes

New genomic research offers insight into pancreatic cancer and a possible treatment revolution

Tuberculosis: new approaches to an old disease

Recent developments show how genetic insight can help to combat the 'forgotten plague' that continues to kill

The rise of consumer genetic testing

As home DNA testing kits increase in popularity, the widened range of testing prompts consideration of scientific accuracy and value

The ‘beginning of the end’ for cancer chemotherapy?

As the first patients join Genomics England’s cancer programme, what does the future look like for treatment and prevention?