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Learn how whole genome sequencing is transforming healthcare

Join us as we explore how this revolutionary genomic test is used to benefit patients, including in the current fight against Covid-19

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) has been in use behind the scenes for some time, but now, with the introduction of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service in England, it will be available as part of routine patient care. But when should it be used? How does it work? And what are the implications, both in healthcare and for wider families? We’ll explore all of these questions in the next run of our free, flexible online course, which is mentored by experts in real time.

What you’ll cover

The course begins on 2nd November and runs across three weeks (but remains open for a further two). In the first week, we’ll give a recap of the fundamentals of DNA and how it can affect our health. This will be followed by a virtual visit to the laboratory to discover how whole genome sequencing works and meet the people involved in the process, before exploring how this test is making a difference in healthcare today through interviews with clinicians and patients.

You will hear from leading expert clinicians, researchers and scientists, and our team of expert mentors – all working in genomics – will be on hand throughout the course to answer the most frequently asked questions and clarify key points.

More than just a test

Whole genome sequencing is already making a difference to patients, but the ability to read all the information in a person’s or organism’s genome is also helping us to make great strides in research.

As part of the course, we’ll learn how new technology is helping us understand more about cancer, rare disease and infectious disease; and, in this next run, we’ve included additional information about the use of WGS in understanding the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Flexibility is key

We know that you’re busy and free time is scarce. Our course is flexible and free. You can log in as and when you have time, and the course will be available for five weeks in total. You can move through as quickly or slowly as you like in that time; you could complete the whole course in one go or dip in for half an hour at a time if that suits you better.

Learning is through a range of articles, videos, animations and discussion forums facilitated by our expert mentors, and you can test your knowledge with quizzes throughout the course.

Complimentary upgrades

You can choose to upgrade your course for £72, meaning you’ll receive a certificate of achievement once you’re eligible and the course will remain open to you as long as it remains online. We’ll be offering a limited number of free course upgrades to those working in the NHS in England or studying sciences, healthcare or medicine at English universities. To request your upgrade, please email us once you have registered for the course, from your NHS or university email address, detailing your role/area of study, institution, and the email address you are registered with for the course.

For more information or to sign up, please visit the course page.

Join us for a chat

In the run up to the course, we’ll be hosting a twitter chat, on Thursday 22nd October, to explore the introduction of whole genome sequencing in the NHS and what this means for you. Join us at 12.30pm and be sure to follow the conversation by using the hashtag #WGSintheNHS!