Exeter Medical School launches genomics expert series

In the past decade, the use of genomic technologies has both advanced diagnosis and become far more accessible to clinicians within the NHS

In recognition of the way genomics is set to revolutionise the healthcare sector, the University of Exeter Medical School will launch the first course in its Expert Series in Genomics this autumn.

The series has been designed to encourage health professionals to embrace cutting-edge genomics developments and bring them into their everyday practice. These developments have created the potential to learn far more about the genetic basis of disease and to provide personalised treatment plans that are tailor-made for the individual.

Exeter expert series

The new continued professional development series begins on 12th October 2017 with a two-day course covering the first specialism: Respiratory: Practical Genomics with a Clinical Perspective. Participants will gain an overview of cutting-edge approaches in genetic medicine as well as an understanding of the challenges associated with targeting genetic mechanisms in a clinical setting.

Additional specialist areas

A further two, two-day courses make up the series and these are planned to cover:

  • Cardiology: Practical Genomics with a Clinical Perspective: Participants will gain a sound knowledge in a number of areas including in the presentation and management of common, inherited cardiac conditions and the cardiac involvement of neuromuscular disorders. (Starts 2nd November 2017)
  • Gastroenterology: Practical Genomics with a Clinical Perspective: Participants will develop an understanding of complex disease genetics, learn about advances in pharmacogenetics, and appreciate how genome and exome sequencing can be used in individual patients. (Starts 23rd November 2017)

Funding is available for NHS professionals from HEE’s Genomics Education Programme. For more details on the courses, how to access funding, or to register for your place, visit the University of Exeter website.