Latest updates on our activity and achievements

Funding opportunity for east of England primary care

The EAHSN, in partnership with the East of England Genomic Medicine Centre, aims to accelerate the implementation of genomics within primary care

Exeter Medical School launches genomics expert series

In the past decade, the use of genomic technologies has both advanced diagnosis and become far more accessible to clinicians within the NHS

Learn about the impact of genomics on pathology

Register for this free one-day study event focusing on the impact…

Alzheimer’s Society event: Is dementia inherited?

Find out how genetics and lifestyle can contribute to dementia at this event in London on 20th July

Learn, share, reflect: second nursing and midwifery event

The GEP hosted the second in its series of round table discussions to support the education and training of nursing and midwifery staff in genomics

Genomics education moves into the mainstream

Our new animation illustrates how the GEP is supporting health professionals to embrace the full potential of genomics in healthcare
Genomics lab

Generation Genome: delivering genomics to the NHS

In her annual report, Dame Sally Davies reveals her enthusiasm for genomics and how it can transform diagnosis and treatment for NHS patients 

Inaugural meeting of Oxford Genomic Medicine Centre

The Oxford NHS GMC celebrated its local delivery partner engagement work with an event jointly hosted by the Oxford Academic Health Science Network 

Master’s in Genomics Market Engagement Event

Advanced notice of intent to tender for academic Master’s programme in Genomic Medicine

Genomics 'BoxED' goes on tour

Get hands on with Lego this summer to learn more about genomics and the 100,000 Genomes Project 

Free bioinformatics course: unlocking genomics in healthcare

Explore the world of clinical bioinformatics and its important role in the patient journey

See genomics brought to life as dance performance piece

‘ConSequence’ will premiere in Manchester on 25th June as part of an evening of performances by local youth dance companies 

Introduction to fetal genomics

An afternoon workshop aimed at those involved in referring and consenting women with high risk pregnancies  
Genetic Variant Interpretation Workshop

Genomic variant interpretation programme

Join St George's, University of London this summer for a blended education programme aimed at clinical geneticists interpreting genomic results

Nursing in the 21st century: communicating the complex

Join our Twitter chat on 4th July to hear how nurses and midwives tackle communicating complicated information to their patients
Faculty of Genomic Medicine

New Faculty of Genomic Medicine webinar

Save the date for the second in our webinar series, focusing on the impact genomics is having on diagnosis and treatment
Education 5

Learn the basics of genomics at this one-day workshop

Genomics is a complex topic for beginners, but this introductory course is designed to demystify the technology and translate the terminology
GATC letters repeated on a blue background

Explore whole genome sequencing on 22 May

Join our FutureLearn course to explore behind the scenes of this emerging healthcare technology

Transforming healthcare: impact of genomics on the NHS

Our event gathered together representatives from across HEE and the NHS to discuss the challenges of educating the workforce in genomic medicine

Final 100,000 Genomes Project eligibility wheels published

Focused on ophthalmological conditions, this set of reference guides for healthcare professionals is now available to download 

Introduction to chromosome analysis by microarray

A one-day workshop exploring the emerging role of microarray testing in healthcare, with CPD accreditation by the Royal College of Surgeons