Additional ‘Genomics in Medical Specialties’ films launched

Three additional films and supporting information illustrate the ways in which genomics is changing clinical practice across the NHS

The programme has been working in collaboration with champions of genomics from a range of clinical specialisms to produce a series of short films and accompanying information focusing on the impact of genomics. Three new films in the series, ‘Genomics in Ophthalmology’, ‘Genomics in Oncology: Inherited Risk’ and ‘Genomics in Oncology: Cancer Treatment’ launched this week.

As genomics becomes embedded into routine care, those working in specialist clinics need to have an awareness of genomics and its application. This new series aims to provide key facts and useful information specific to each specialty.

Genomics in Ophthalmology

Genomic – as opposed to genetic – testing has rapidly improved diagnostic rates over recent years in ophthalmology. In this film Graeme Black, Professor of Genetics and Ophthalmology at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, explains how the use of genomics to find a precise diagnosis for a patient can help inform their treatment and the management of their condition, as well as determining whether family members need to be tested.

This film and information will be useful for those working in specialist ophthalmology clinics as well as geneticists and genetic counsellors.

Genomics in Oncology

Advances in genomic technologies and our understanding of genomics are changing the way we care for patients and families affected by cancer. In these films and accompanying information, Professor Clare Turnbull and Dr Ellen Copson explain how genomics can be used in two ways: both to examine the genome of the patient to look for variants known as ‘germline variants’, which can make an individual more susceptible to cancer; and to examine the genome of the tumour, which can inform treatment and management.

This information would be of interest to anyone working in oncology as well as clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors.

More films in the series are due for release in 2019, including gastroenterology, neurology and endocrinology.