Grab your Pint of Science this May!

This year’s annual science festival brings leading scientists to your local pub to share the latest ideas and advances. Here, we’ve collated all the genomics events

Pint of Science is a global science festival that takes place in May each year, bringing researchers to your local pub to present their scientific discoveries. This year’s festival takes place on 14-16 May, in 32 cities across the UK.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of the topic. This is simply your chance to meet, hear from, and have a pint with the people responsible for the future of science.

We’ve combed through the list of this year’s events to pick out those that fit within the genomics theme. Some are more health related than others, but all should offer a fascinating glimpse of the latest ideas and advances.

You’ll find links to these genomics-related events below. Make sure you book your tickets sooner rather than later – at the time of writing, some events (not included below) were already sold out.

Of course, the festival is about much more than genomics – you’ll find events on neuroscience, astronomy, zoology and robotics, among many others. Find out more at the Pint of Science website.


Innovations of the human genome – 14 May


Seeing in the future: Advances in eye research – 15 May


Personalised medicine: It’s in our DNA – 15 May

DNA: Searching for answers – 16 May


Rare disease: The genomic revolution, searching for a cure for the 1 in 17 – 14 May

Stem cells: the body’s master cell – 14 May

A night of nucleic acids: The different strands of DNA research – 16 May

Rare disease: Treasure your exceptions – 16 May

The development of the human body – 16 May

The technology behind mainstream headlines – 16 May


When the brain comes undone – 14 May

Adam & Eve: When sex matters – 16 May


Our history of tomorrow: Superhumans or a dead end? 15 May


The future of health – 16 May


Unlocking life’s code: Crispr and you – 15 May


Body building blocks – 14 May

Delving into dementia – 14 May

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? 16 May


Harder, better, faster, stronger – 16 May


Gene editing: rewriting the code of life – 15 May

Unzipping your genes – 15 May

Yes, you. You are an ape. Didn’t you know it? 15 May

Getting to the heart of the matter – 16 May

New advances in artificial intelligence – 16 May

Wednesday night fever – 16 May

Your body is a walking home of bacteria! 16 May


Microbes and us – 14 May

Kidney Research UK: Our immune system – 16 May


Can we read people? 14 May

Vive la résistance! 16 May


What the fork? A story of food and health – 14 May


Brew-tiful science – 14 May


The future of medicine: biotechnology – 16 May


Nature vs nurture vs drugs – 14 May


Revolutionary science – 14 May

Amazing evolution or simply messy? 16 May