New Genomics 101 courses launched

Learn about the fundamentals of genomics and its impact on healthcare in our collection of introductory courses

With genomics moving into the mainstream through the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service, it has never been more vital that health professionals gain an understanding of genomics and its applications in healthcare.

To meet this need, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) has launched the first in a new series of introductory courses that aim to give health professionals an overview of the fundamentals of genomics and its impact on patient care. Created for those with little or no previous knowledge of genomics, the courses will focus on a key aspect of genomics, from the underlying science to the clinical practice.

Lasting no more than 30-40 minutes each, learners will develop their understanding of genomics through written content, infographics, film, animation and interactive elements, and can test their knowledge with a final quiz. Genomics 101 is also a great starting point for anyone pledging to learn more about the topic as part of our #GenomicsConversation week of action. The first three new courses in the series are:

Genomics in Healthcare

This first course introduces genomics and highlights how it is already in use across key areas in healthcare. Indeed, with the roll-out of the Genomics Medicine Service, the use of genomics in healthcare is set to expand further. For this reason, genomics is likely to be encountered by more healthcare professionals than ever before, and this course will provide a useful overview of its applications.

Taking and Drawing a Genetic Family History

As the link between our DNA and health becomes increasingly clear, understanding a patient’s family history can help with the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of disease, not only for the individual but their family as well. The course explores the reasons for taking a genetic family history and provides some of the tools and tips needed to draw one.

Inheriting Genomic Information

We inherit our genome from our parents, but how does DNA from your mother and your father combine to produce your own unique set of genetic information? This course looks at how DNA is passed on from parent to offspring and from cell to cell, describes the differences between types of cell division, and outlines the impact that errors in these processes can have on a person’s health.

Get learning today

All our 101 courses are available through the e-LfH platform and are free to access for NHS staff and universities in the UK. At the end of each session, there is an opportunity to demonstrate what has been learnt through a short quiz and a certificate of participation.

We welcome all health professionals to join the #GenomicsConversation on Twitter and Facebook this week, so please feel free to share with your colleagues. You can find out more on our website.