Update on GEP plans for nursing and midwifery

Following its most recent round table meeting, the programme has published a report outlining priorities for embedding genomics into practice

Lord Willis recently chaired the second meeting of a working group established by the GEP to consider how genomics is best embedded into nursing and midwifery practice. The first meeting to explore ideas took place in January, and this follow-up meeting resulted in an agreed list of priority areas for the group.

Report recomendations

The full report can be downloaded here, but key discussion points and recommendations include:

  1. Leaders in nursing and midwifery should encourage debate around genomics and champion the implementation of the GEP’s workforce strategy.
  2. Engaging with existing professional networks will be important to raise awareness of genomics and its impact on nursing, midwifery and healthcare generally.
  3. The group should regularly link in with the NMC and Council of Deans.
  4. ‘Genomic Champions’ – both individuals and organisations – should be identified to support others to understand genomics and its impact.
  5. Continued use of social media and established communications channels will be fundamental.
  6. Education should focus on pathways and patient touch-points in genomics in order to support staff coming into contact with patients and their families in various healthcare settings.
  7. The group should tap into global networks and collaborate internationally to both share GEP knowledge and learn from others.
  8. The Faculty of Genomic Medicine, founded by the GEP, will serve as the strategic and operational lead. Round table members were asked to promote this network.

Next steps

The GEP team now has a number of actions to take this important work forward, with the assistance of the group. A follow-up meeting is planned for the new year to review progress.

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