Oxford Genomic Medicine Centre stages ‘Genomics Week’

A week of co-ordinated activities to showcase exciting new developments in the use of DNA sequencing in healthcare

Starting Monday 18th September the Oxford NHS Genomic Medicine Centre (GMC) is hosting ‘Genomics Week’, a week of activities and events based around Oxford focusing on genomics in healthcare.

Coordinated activities for GCSE Students

During the week, the Oxford GMC team and healthcare scientists from the NHS Genetics Laboratory in Oxford are running practical workshops in schools using genomics-related tasks to demonstrate how our DNA makes us who we are, and how small changes can have a big impact.

DNA sequencing activities

At these workshops, students will have the opportunity to discover whether they can taste the chemical which gives sprouts and other green vegetables their distinctive taste that some find unpleasant. This ability is controlled by the DNA sequence of a single gene; students can make a bracelet showing their own sequence and compare it with their classmates.

This fun interactive activity is part of a package developed to align with the GCSE curriculum. It also forms a resource for teachers, and can be used to introduce the concept of genetic disorders and explain how the NHS is using whole genome sequencing to help patients.

The week has been planned to conclude on Jeans for Genes day when the team will be hosting a stand in the main entrance of the Churchill Hospital for Oxford University Hospitals Trust, a genomics café with free cake for the local HEE and PHE team and an information session for the cancer nurses.

To find out more information about this and the other events in Oxford please contact Jennifer Whitfield.