21st century nursing: prepare for personalised medicine

Learn more about personalised medicine and its impact on healthcare via our WeNurses ‘genomic’ conversation on 10th November

The patient journey is set to be revolutionised through advances in our ability to analyse and understand a person’s DNA (their genome), and how it can affect their health. This will change how a patient is diagnosed, and how we manage and treat disease, bringing personalised medicine to the forefront of healthcare.

How will nurses play their part?

The NHS aims to be a world leader in delivering personalised medicine and embedding its approach into mainstream healthcare. Using genomic, lifestyle and environmental information, medicine will move away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, towards treatment tailored to the individual.

Nurses play a key part throughout the patient journey, and need to be ready with the tools required to communicate genomic information, understand the implications of results, and provide appropriate support.

What do nurses think?

Using the @WeNurses platform, HEE’s Genomics Education Programme would like to engage with the nursing community to ask:

  • How do we raise awareness of genomics in the nursing community?
  • Has genomics had an impact in your nursing practice?
  • Is there enough information about genomics in pre-registration training?
  • How does nursing need to adapt to new technologies and advances in genomics?
  • How can we support nurses to help build their genomics skills and knowledge?

Join our webchat hosted by WeNurses on Thursday 10th November at 8pm to learn more.

You can also view our NHS Change day webinar: Educating and inspiring nursing professionals about personalised medicine across the NHS, which was broadcast on 19th October