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Genomics in Routine Care webinars now available on demand

Hear from health leaders in three webinars exploring genomics in nursing, midwifery and health visiting, now available to view online

A webinar series developed for nurses, midwives and health visitors is now available to watch on demand. The Genomics Education Program (GEP), in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement and the RCNi, produced and delivered the three webinars over the course of summer 2021 which featured contributions from senior figures, those in practice, and patients and their families.

Suitable for those with little or no existing knowledge of genomics, each webinar explored a different theme.

Webinar 1: What is Genomics: How Will This Change my Clinical Practice?

The first webinar addressed the popular questions that everyone asks: what is genomics, why do nurses, midwives and healthcare visitors need to know about it, and how will it change their practice for the benefit of patients?

Opening the webinar, chief nursing officer for England Ruth May commented:

“It’s great to be talking about something that used to be thought of as for the future, but actually it’s now part of our everyday practice. Nurses and midwives have a key role to play in genomics and that is the importance of this webinar. In a few years’ time, genomics will be in every part of our conversation and every part of our clinical practice, and that is where I want it to be.”

Watch the first webinar now on our webpage.

Webinar 2: How is Genomics Changing Healthcare Right Now and in the Future?

The second webinar investigated how genomics is already being used in healthcare to bring real benefit to patients, using examples for nursing and midwifery. Two patient case studies brought to life how genomics is being used in clinical practice.

Welcoming everyone to the webinar; NHS England chief midwifery officer Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent said:

“I’m delighted to be here today to talk about this phenomenal, exciting and innovative subject of genomics and how we together as an NHS will progress healthcare beyond our wildest imagination.”

Click here to view the second webinar now.

Webinar 3: Genomics: It’s My Time to Learn!

The third and final webinar explored how nurses, midwives and health visitors are being upskilled to support genomic medicine, including examples of how they can get up to speed with what they need to know for their own practice.

In his opening remarks, Health Education England chief nurse Professor Mark Radford explained:

“It’s really exciting to talk about the genomics agenda and it’s something I’m proud to participate in and support nationally with nursing, midwifery, allied health professionals, scientists and medics across the country. As an ever-developing part of our healthcare, it’s the future of how we deliver some of our services and drive improvements in outcomes for our patients and our communities.”

Watch the final webinar online now.

Why create the webinar series?

Chief scientific officer for England and senior responsible offer for genomics Professor Dame Sue Hill explained the importance of these webinars:

“Nurses and midwives form the largest collective professional workforce in the NHS, which puts them right at the centre of our work to utilise the full potential of genomics to enable more comprehensive and personalised care for patients.

“As we go into an era of genomics-enabled healthcare, it is right that we anchor nurses and midwives in all we do. This is why we have facilitated these webinars, recognising that in addition to their clinical practice, they also play a vital role as advocates for patients and their families.”

Watch on demand

Find out more about the webinars, the topics covered, and all the experts who contributed on our webpage. Full recordings of the three webinars are available to watch. However, if you wish to only watch individual presentation(s), these have been timed stamped so you can skip to the relevant content.