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Genomics 101: Discover the role of genomics in healthcare

Curious about genomics but not sure where to start? Try our collection of free, short introductory online courses

Most healthcare professionals will have an awareness of genetics in healthcare, but what about genomics? No longer solely the concern of specialist clinics and teams, the use of genomic testing within healthcare is expanding, moving beyond specialist pathways and into routine care through the introduction of the Genomic Medicine Service in England (GMS).

As a result, more healthcare professionals and their patients will encounter genomics than ever before. For this reason, it is vital that all NHS staff have some understanding of what genomics is and what it means for their practice and the patients in their care.

To address this need, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) has created nine short introductory courses, as part of its Genomics 101 series.

What you will learn?

Genomics 101 aims to provide an overview of the fundamentals of genomics, from the underlying science to the clinical applications. The courses are short – around half an hour each – and have been created for those with limited or no previous knowledge of genomics.

Each course focuses on a particular genomics topic:.

How you will learn?

Lasting no more than 30-40 minutes, the courses use a combination of film, animation and interactive elements to help learners develop their understanding of genomics. At the end of each course there is an opportunity to take a short quiz to test your knowledge, after which the learner can obtain a certificate of participation.

Start your Genomics 101 journey today

The Genomics 101 series is available through the e-LfH platform and is free to access for NHS staff and those within UK universities. You can find out more about each individual course on the GEP website.


Genomics in Healthcare

  • I didn’t know what genomics was, so now feel very well informed about all areas.” Paediatric research nurse
  • “I thought this would be interesting, and it has exceeded my expectations. It is great context for all working in healthcare to understand. This has whetted my appetite to find out more.” NHS administrator/manager

Genes to Genome

  • “Very informative and easy to follow.” Pharmacist
  • “This course should be referred to every health environment for them to learn and apply to work.” Student nurse

Taking and Drawing a Genetic Family History

  • “I will be more confident at taking family histories and think of this as a skill I can use to help patients.” Medical student
  • “I will feel more confident describing a family history using a diagram rather than trying to describe relationships.” Audiologist

Inheriting Genomic Information

  • “The course was educative, and the information provided is easy to comprehend.” Healthcare assistant
  • Really good course, interactive and informative.” Student midwife

Dominant, Recessive and Beyond

  • Great content! Thank you so much.” Genetic counselling student
  • “…very helpful thank you Good to have questions and self-test throughout.” GPST3

Gene to Protein

  • Extremely useful.” Student Nurse
  • Genetic/ genomic variation involved in various diseases that we come across in clinical practice will be better understood for diagnostic, treating and prognostic purposes.” Doctor