Fab Change Day webinar for nursing professionals

Genomics Education Programme pledges to educate and inspire nursing professionals about personalised medicine via Fab Change Day webinar

HEE’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP) is hosting an educational webinar in October as part of a Fab Change Day pledge to educate and inspire nursing professionals about personalised medicine across the NHS.

On Wednesday 19th October at 2:30pm, the webinar ‘Personalised medicine and how it will inspire the future of nursing practice’ will provide some background knowledge into personalised medicine, genomics and what it all means for nursing practice in the near future.

It is hoped by raising awareness of personalised medicine and genomics, the GEP can inspire colleagues working in other areas across the NHS to find out more.

This Fab Change Day pledge reflects the ongoing work of the GEP to train and educate existing and future NHS healthcare professionals. Through this and subsequent webinars, the GEP aims to help provide the knowledge necessary to empower all healthcare professionals to adopt the principles of personalised medicine throughout the NHS for patient benefit.

How to join the webinar:

The webinar starts on Wednesday 19th October at 2:30pm. Participants can join the webinar by registering here.

For more information about the GEP, future webinars covering personalised medicine or genomics in healthcare please visit: www.genomicseducation.hee.nhs.uk or follow @genomicsedu on Twitter or Facebook.