Learn about the impact of genomics on diabetes care

Join the University of Exeter’s interactive course to explore how developments in genomics are transforming the treatment of conditions like diabetes

How can genomics – the study of our DNA – bring about better outcomes for patients with diabetes? Starting Monday 4th December, a free online course from the University of Exeter aims to answer this question, drawing on its research expertise in diabetes and featuring patient experiences.

Transforming care

Starting on Monday 4th December, the four-week online course, Genomic Medicine: Transforming Patient Care in Diabetes, will explore the impact and value of a genomic diagnosis for diabetes patients, their families and clinicians.

Participants will learn about the different modes of inheritance for diabetes, the molecular basis of these inheritance patterns, and how this relates to risk for individuals, families and populations. There will also be an introduction to the techniques used to organise and interpret the wealth of genomic data generated.

Transforming lives

Led by Professor Maggie Shepherd, the course has been developed to show how current genomic knowledge can be applied in a clinical setting. For instance, week 1 will highlight a case of neonatal diabetes to illustrate the impact that genetic testing can have, and there will also be a discussion around other types of diabetes and genetic risk.

Enrolment is free and the course is open to all including healthcare professionals, science undergraduates and non-specialists who want to learn more about genomic medicine.

For more information or to enrol, please visit the FutureLearn website.