Genome sequencing - past, present and future

How has sequencing evolved? And will whole genome sequencing replace other technologies as clinicians’ go-to diagnostic test?

Epigenetics – the real key to everything?

It isn't all in the code. Gene alterations play a part in disease, but gene expression may ultimately prove equally - if not more - important 
what is precision medicine

Precision medicine: what is it and how will it be achieved?

Sir Bruce Keogh recently confirmed the NHS’s commitment to moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare towards a future of precision medicine. But how do we get there?

Microbiome matters

The human microbiome is a hot health topic. But what is this 'microbiome'? And how can it affect our health?

Using genomics to fight infectious diseases

As genomics becomes increasingly relevant in clinical practice, it could help tackle outbreaks of diseases such as tuberculosis and measles

Psychiatric genomics - a double-edged sword?

While genomics alone may not generate a diagnosis or wide-scale treatment, it may help us better understand psychiatric disorders

Precision in medicine in action

Genomics can help to target treatments for patients with cancer, rare inherited conditions, and infectious diseases

Saving lives with genetics: newborn screening

While screening at birth targets very rare diseases, this early diagnosis can have huge benefits for the small number of affected babies