New ‘Genomics in Medical Specialties’ resources launched

Information for neurology, clinical genetics and gastroenterology has been added to our collection of resources for specialists

The programme has been working in collaboration with champions of genomics from a range of clinical specialisms to produce a series of resources which focus on the impact of genomics within different areas of medicine. The latest three resources, ‘Genomics in Gastroenterology’, ‘Genomics in Clinical Genetics’ and ‘Genomics in Neurology’ are now available.

As genomics becomes embedded into routine care, and with the launch of England’s NHS Genomic Medicine Service, those working in specialist clinics need to have an understand of the testing available to them in clinic and the ways in which genomic information can be used to benefit patients. This series aims to provide key facts and useful information specific to each specialty.

Genomics in Gastroenterology

Thanks to advances in technology and understanding, genomic testing is more accessible and genomic information more applicable in gastroenterology than ever before. Increasingly genomic testing and the information it generates underpins diagnosis, treatment and management decisions. In this video Dr Kevin Monahan discusses the increasing number of applications for genomics available to all gastroenterologists in more detail.

This film and information will be useful for gastroenterologists, clinical nurse specialists, and others working in gastroenterology.

Genomics in Clinical Genetics

Clinical geneticists are more in demand that ever before – not only in the support and management of increasing numbers of patients and their families referred to clinical genetics, but also in supporting the transformation of the health service to include genomic testing on a larger scale. The programme has teamed up with professor Bill Newman to explore the great changes that have happened in the field of clinical genetics and how genomics has transformed the role.

This film and information would be of interest to anyone working or training in clinical genetics, as well as anyone else who would like to understand more about the ways in which the widescale introduction of genomics has transformed this specialist area of healthcare.

Genomics in Neurology

Genomics is central to neurology. Understanding gene expression in the brain is the key to understanding brain function and, increasingly, neurological disease. Genomic testing and the information it generates will help guide neurologists and others in the neurology clinic in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients in their care. In this new resource, Professor Huw Morris outlines the ways in which genomics is being applied in the clinic and some of the things that all neurologists should be aware of.

 These resources form part of a collection tailored to particular professions and specialties. Take a look at the full selection on our website.