Faculty of Genomic Medicine

New Faculty of Genomic Medicine webinar

Save the date for the second in our webinar series, focusing on the impact genomics is having on diagnosis and treatment

The Faculty of Genomic Medicine webinar series continues in June, with a webinar led by Anna Schuh, Associate Professor of Molecular Diagnosis at the University of Oxford. Join us on Tuesday 20th June at 2:30pm for ‘Impact of Genomic Medicine on Diagnosis and Treatment of Haematological Malignancies’.

To join the faculty and view the webinar and the following Q&A please register at our faculty page. You will then be sent a link to join the webinar.

Faculty of Genomic Medicine

The faculty was created as a way to bring together those working within the healthcare sector with a particular focus on personalised medicine and genomics, with the aim of sharing knowledge and best practice. Members of the faculty will share real-life examples and discuss the latest genomic innovations and findings. The expectation is that faculty members will act as advocates for genomics within the health service, and as awareness grows it is envisaged that more genomic technologies will be embedded into everyday healthcare.


The benefits of being part of the faculty will include:

  • Increased opportunities for career development and involvement in research.
  • Access to webinars and expert lectures.
  • The chance to network and enhance professional relationships.
  • Opportunities to share and gain knowledge across clinical and scientific specialties.

More information on the faculty is available on our website.