The Faculty brings together genomics champions across the health service to learn, share and connect

The Faculty of Genomic Medicine is designed to bring together healthcare professionals with a knowledge of genomics from across the NHS, academic institutions and other healthcare systems worldwide to create a professional community of genomic specialists.

Benefits of membership

The Faculty of Genomic Medicine offers a wide range of benefits for members that are designed to enhance knowledge of genomics and encourage collaboration and innovation.

Through the Faculty, you can:

  • Access webinars and workshops led by leading experts. Faculty members are invited to submit potential topics for discussion.
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities to make connections and enhance relationships.
  • Hear about the latest career and research opportunities in genomic medicine.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest publications, education tools, videos and national reports relevant to genomic medicine.

What is the Faculty?

The Faculty of Genomic Medicine is a virtual community of practice designed with three primary purposes in mind:

  • Learn

    Through email updates, webinars and face-to-face events, the Faculty provides opportunities to gather information, learn, and share knowledge about genomics in practice.

  • Share

    The Faculty seeks to empower its members to cascade their knowledge, promote education, and support the implementation of genomics into mainstream healthcare.

  • Connect

    As a multi-professional community of healthcare professionals across the UK and beyond, the Faculty provides the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of contemporaries from a broad range of roles and specialties.

Find out if you are eligible to join

The Faculty of Genomic Medicine welcomes members from the alumni of the Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework, education and training leads, academics and those involved in genomics research and work.

To join the Faculty, please fill in this form including a brief explanation of why would you like to become a member. This request will be processed by the GEP team, who will then be in touch to confirm your eligibility.

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