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The #GenomicsConversation 2024 is coming!

Join us this June as we chart how genomics is becoming part of routine NHS care and meet the people who are making it happen

The annual #GenomicsConversation campaign is set to return for its seventh year on 24–28 June 2024, with a focus on the journey of genomics in the NHS. Hosted by the National Genomics Education programme, the awareness week will feature online activities and stories that reflect the genomics journeys of healthcare professionals and patients, and well as looking at the impact this has had on clinical care.

How far we’ve come, how far we’ll go

Each day of the week will focus on one of five key themes and a full calendar of activities will be available in advance, so you won’t miss out.

Day 1: ‘Are we there yet?’: Genomics in the NHS

Day 2: Pioneers and explorers: Professionals at the helm of genomics

Day 3: Ticket to ride: The patient journey

Day 4: Uncharted journeys: What lies ahead?

Day 5: To boldly go: Chart your own genomics journey

During the campaign, healthcare professionals are encouraged to check in daily, embrace the journey, and learn about different areas over the course of the week.

Getting involved

As in previous years, we are inviting everyone to get involved in the #GenomicsConversation – it is only through your support that the week can continue to go from strength to strength.

If you have any suggestions for an event or activity in your trust or region, please get in touch so we can support and share your work.

Finally, be sure to follow us on X, Facebook or LinkedIn for more information as it becomes available.