Genomic medicine: transforming patient care in diabetes

The University of Exeter Medical School is running its online course using diabetes to illustrate the clinical application of genomics

The University of Exeter Medical school in partnership with FutureLearn are running their four- week, free online course; Genomic Medicine: Transforming Patient Care in Diabetes.

The interactive course uses patient experiences to discuss the impact and value of a genetic diagnosis for diabetes patients, their families and clinicians responsible for their care. It also allows learners to learn about the different modes of inheritance for diabetes, the molecular basis of these inheritance patterns and how this relates to risk for individuals, families and populations. There will also be an introduction to bioinformatics, resources and the techniques used to interpret the wealth of genomic data generated.

Led by Professor Maggie Shepherd, the course has been developed using the team at the University of Exeter’s research expertise in diabetes, to show learners how current genomic knowledge can be applied in a clinical setting. Week 1 will use a case of neonatal diabetes as an example to illustrate the impact that genetic testing can have, and there will also be a discussion around other types of diabetes and genetic risk.

Enrollment is free and the course is open to all those who want to learn about how the genomic era is changing medical science, including healthcare professionals, science undergraduates and non-specialists who want to learn more about Genomic Medicine.

The course starts on Monday 15th August 2016 and will run for four weeks, with a new set of learning resources made available each week.

For more information or to join please click: