Experimental procedure has potential for treating several metabolic disorders, but the long-term risks are yet to be fully understood

Event showcases the important and inspirational work taking place within a large and diverse genomic medicine centre

The new partnership has been working to develop educational activities for students based around genomic medicine

A new informal way to enhance and improve understanding of genetics and genomics and their application in healthcare

A week of coordinated activities to showcase exciting new developments in the use of DNA sequencing in healthcare


New host platforms set to enhance learning, support existing teaching methods and provide a valuable learning hub for a wide audience

First major award nomination for ground breaking education programme

Ahead of her appearance at Expo 2017, Chief Scientific Officer Sue Hill outlines the exciting work she is leading on genomics across the NHS

Join our interactive course on 11th September to explore this emerging healthcare technology - and its benefits and challenges - in more detail

Find out how genetics and lifestyle can contribute to dementia at this event in London on 20th July

In her annual report, Dame Sally Davies reveals her enthusiasm for genomics and how it can transform diagnosis and treatment for NHS patients 

Advanced notice of intent to tender for academic Master’s programme in Genomic Medicine

Get hands on with Lego this summer to learn more about genomics and the 100,000 Genomes Project 

‘ConSequence’ will premiere in Manchester on 25th June as part of an evening of performances by local youth dance companies 

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