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Genomics for allied health professionals: Have your say

Allied health professionals are invited to share their views of genomics and its impact on their roles in a new awareness survey

The Genomics Education Programme (GEP) has created a short survey to help us better understand how much allied health professionals (AHPs) feel they know about genomics and its influence on patient treatment and care.

As genomics becomes increasingly integrated into many areas of healthcare, an ever-growing number of health professionals will need some understanding of how it applies to their own practice and what it means for those in their care.

During the last #GenomicsConversation campaign in June, social media polls shared with the AHP workforce highlighted a growing interest in learning more about genomics and its relevance to AHP roles. This prompted the creation of our genomics awareness survey, the results of which will help us to ensure that AHPs’ voices are heard and their genomics education and training needs are met.

Make your views count

The genomics awareness survey is now live and will be open until the end of AHPs’ Day (14 October 2022). Our aim is to use these results to help us produce a package of supporting resources for AHP colleagues in June 2023 – so make your views count today!

Please visit the survey page for more information