The new educational films will be useful for healthcare professionals learning how to take a family history from patients

The popular event, covering all things cutting edge-genomics, makes a return to London in January 

Non-invasive prenatal testing will be rolled out in the NHS next year. But how does it work? And what are the benefits?

At our recent masterclass, speakers and participants explored the benefits and challenges that genomics will bring to the public health arena 

News stories in biomedicine are being dominated by genome editing, Crispr and other methods. So what's it all about, and what might it mean for healthcare?

Dementia is a major healthcare issue in ageing western societies. What do we know about the biological basis of memory that could combat this?

Patients in London and Manchester the first to benefit from methods to better predict, prevent and treat breast cancer, with aims to roll out nationally

Experimental procedure has potential for treating several metabolic disorders, but the long-term risks are yet to be fully understood

Join the University of Exeter’s interactive course to explore how developments in genomics are transforming the treatment of conditions like diabetes

Hear from a panel of experts in genomics and other emerging technologies that are transforming healthcare at this exciting one-day conference

Genomics predicted to bring better outcomes for patients and cost savings

Lively discussion around genomics in primary care at leading GP event 

Event showcases the important and inspirational work taking place within a large and diverse genomic medicine centre

This exciting one-day workshop will feature presentations from the chief scientific officer and leading experts from numerous clinical specialties

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