Genomics can help to target treatments for patients with cancer, rare inherited conditions, and infectious diseases

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A ground-breaking survey on health professionals, researchers and the public's attitudes towards genomics raises some important questions

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While still in their infancy, gene therapy techniques could hold great promise for patients with rare diseases

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Editing a person's genome is a high-stkes proposition. Dr Alain Li Wan Po looks at the science behind it and the ethical issues at play


A major US study has shown that non-invasive prenatal testing performs better than invasive methods, but what about the UK?


Genomic studies are focusing not just on key diseases, as with the 100,000 Genomes Project, but on whole population groups

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New research has discovered more than 90 genetic regions that influence obesity, tripling the number of previously known regions


As the first patients are set to be recruited to the main study this month: what are the truths and myths about this Project?


Rare disease diagnoses made for two of the families involved in the 100,000 Genomes Project


Health Education England's Genomics Education Programme has published 'Developing Clinical Bioinformatics Training in the NHS'

While screening at birth targets very rare diseases, this early diagnosis can have huge benefits for the small number of affected babies


One in two people are likely to develop cancer, according to new research. With advances in genomics, can we improve the outcomes?


Films chart the diagnostic odyssey of a patient with rare disease and their family, and the hope offered by genomic medicine

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