Faculty of Genomic Medicine

New Faculty of Genomic Medicine

The faculty will bring together genomic specialists and Master’s in Genomic Medicine alumni to create a professional community

The Faculty of Genomic Medicine is a new professional community made up of genomics specialists working in healthcare, including those who have undertaken the MSc in Genomic Medicine as part of the Genomic Education Programme.

The faculty is being created as a way to bring together those working within the healthcare sector who have particular focus on personalised medicine and genomics, with the aim of sharing knowledge and best practice. Members of the faculty will share real-life examples and discuss the latest genomic innovations and findings. The expectation is that faculty members will act as advocates for genomics within the health service, and as awareness grows it is envisaged that more genomic technologies will be adopted into everyday healthcare.

The benefits of being part of the faculty will include:

  • The opportunity to share and gain knowledge across clinical and scientific specialties.
  • Career and research opportunities.
  • Access to webinars/ lectures led by experts in the field.

The faculty will launch with a welcome webinar led by Professor Sue Hill, NHS England Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Responsible Officer for the 100,000 Genomes Project and Head of the Faculty on 1st March and further webinars and workshops will follow throughout the year.

Those currently studying for a Master’s, associated CPPD modules, or either the Post Graduate Certificate or Post Graduate Diploma in Genomic Medicine can join the faculty alongside those who have already concluded their studies. If you are interested in joining the faculty, please email the details of your course, your completion date (if you have yet to conclude your studies) and your job title to FacultyOfGenomicMedicine@hee.nhs.uk