New educational genomics game now available

Discover an exciting card game that challenges healthcare professionals to describe genomics-related terms in jargon-free language

There is a great deal of complex terminology associated with genomics which can make communicating information to patients and non-specialist colleagues difficult.

To help health professionals meet this challenge, the Genomics Education Programme, in partnership with Focus Games, has created an educational card game that encourages healthcare professionals to describe key terms using jargon-free and patient-friendly language.

Complex made simple

Dr Jargon: Genomics is a simple and engaging card game for up to 8 people in two teams, designed to encourage players to consider alternatives for complex genomics terms and think about how well they are communicating with others. It is aimed at anyone with a good working knowledge of genomics who regularly communicates about genomics with patients or non-specialist colleagues.

The game has been developed to complement training programme curricula and can be used as a teaching tool for a variety of training activities including CPD events.

How to play

Dr Jargon: Genomics comes with 95 cards, each featuring a keyword and five different complex terms, as well as a handy timer. To play, each team selects a ‘jargon buster’ for the round who will try to describe the keyword to their teammates without using any of the jargon listed on the card before the timer runs out.

Each card has also been categorised by subject area to allow the organiser to select topics relevant to their session and learning group.

Get your copy

Dr Jargon: Genomics will be available through our education and training partners at select NHS trusts, as well as through the NHS Genomic Laboratory Hubs and several UK universities. We will also be offering a small number of free copies on a case-by-case basis. To enquire, please fill out the request form on the Dr Jargon: Genomics webpage.

Want a chance to win a free copy of the game? Visit our virtual stand at the Festival of Genomics & Biodata this week (January 25-28) and talk to our team!