Examining the genetic roots of cardiac conditions and how further research could bring benefits to patients

The University of Exeter Medical School is running its online course using diabetes to illustrate the clinical application of genomics

Genomics is changing the future of healthcare and medicine - what does this mean for health professionals and their practice?

Data sharing review puts focus on challenges surrounding use of patient information for healthcare research

First patient from West of England Genomic Medicine Centre recruited to 100,000 Genomes Project

Latest genomic research explores genetic risk of excessive weight gain - are the causes of obesity environmental or is the answer in our DNA?

New report from maternity care trial puts focus on potential implementation of prenatal testing into the NHS

As France sets out genomic ambitions, we compare the 100,000 Genomes Project and explore potential for future commercial collaboration

How genomics is proving to be a vital resource in the ongoing fight against this globally infectious disease

Recent genetic analysis exposes differences in blood cancer, offering hope for patients and the future of personalised medicine 

The genetics behind MS are poorly understood, but a new discovery by Canadian researchers could shed light on the disease

Whole Genome Sequencing: Decoding the Language of Life and Health will explore behind the scenes of emerging healthcare technology

Could synthetic biology provide the next chapter in our ‘understanding of the blueprint of life’?

Latest discovery in breast cancer marks a further step towards clearer genetic understanding of the disease

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