Gene-based treatments for eye diseases advance in the battle against blindness and related life-threatening conditions

Blood test at birth could reveal genetic high cholesterol levels, potentially preventing heart problems developing in the future

The application process is to restart for all funded Master’s, CPPD, PG Diploma and PG Certificate places for courses starting in early 2017

From the 17th century to the latest Nobel Prize winner - could we now be closer than ever in our understanding of the building blocks of all life?

Genomic research calls for broader genetic representation to ensure future healthcare could be truly personalised

Birth of baby boy with DNA from three parents puts ethical debate on mitochondrial transfer technique back in the spotlight

Moving away from trial and error treatments to patient care tailored to your unique genetic makeup


As nutrigenomics edges nearer to the mainstream, are we any closer to preventing disease through dietary changes?

Despite continued ethical debate, latest advances in gene editing technologies are poised to transform patient treatment

Examining the genetic roots of cardiac conditions and how further research could bring benefits to patients

The University of Exeter Medical School is running its online course using diabetes to illustrate the clinical application of genomics

Genomics is changing the future of healthcare and medicine - what does this mean for health professionals and their practice?

Data sharing review puts focus on challenges surrounding use of patient information for healthcare research

First patient from West of England Genomic Medicine Centre recruited to 100,000 Genomes Project

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