Members of the GEP team attended conferences in Australia and Japan, taking the programme to a global audience

The new NHS Genomic Medicine Centre recruits first participant for world leading genomics project

Yorkshire & Humber GMC recruit first cancer patient

Gene therapy for children now approved in Europe - what can this fusion of genomics and stem cell medicine mean for the future?


Explore the world of a clinical bioinformatician and their important role in a patient’s journey

A recent US legal case puts genetic testing and laboratory best practice under scrutiny 

Find out about the future of genomic medicine and what your genes can say about your health

As research reveals ancient viruses lurk in our DNA, can genomics provide the missing link in treatment of modern disease?

Exeter will join nine other providers in the UK securing the institution’s position as a leader in the field

Recent research provides substantial and surprising evidence of the genetic effect on mental health 

A new collaborative project designed to get us talking about genomics is looking for your feedback  

As Scotland joins the 100,000 Genomes Project, we explore the impact of their investment and potential for further international links

Brad Horn, one of our funded Master’s students, tells us why there has never been a better time to learn about genomics

The national event, as part of British Science Week, offers a unique opportunity to go ‘behind the scenes’ of many labs and scientific facilities

Could advances in genomics help neuroscientists reveal more about the power of the human brain? 

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