Genomic research calls for broader genetic representation to ensure future healthcare could be truly personalised

Natalie Bolton, one of our funded Master’s students, explains how studying genomics has prepared her for the future of healthcare

Genomics Education Programme pledges to educate and inspire nursing professionals about personalised medicine via Fab Change Day webinar

Birth of baby boy with DNA from three parents puts ethical debate on mitochondrial transfer technique back in the spotlight

Learn about how genetics and genomics will impact your practice at the RCGP annual event in Harrogate 6th – 7th October

Moving away from trial and error treatments to patient care tailored to your unique genetic makeup


The allocation of funded places is now full for the Master’s in Genomic Medicine but funded places remain for CPPD

The diversity of differences in our genomes and their complex relationship with health and disease

Despite continued ethical debate, latest advances in gene editing technologies are poised to transform patient treatment

The Expo Personalised Medicine Zone will play a major role in showcasing how Genomics is transforming how the NHS delivers care

The UCL institute of child health are hosting an introduction to how genomics applies to clinical practice

Less-invasive method touted as potentially revolutionary for cancer care – could this mean the end for tissue biopsies?

Examining the genetic roots of cardiac conditions and how further research could bring benefits to patients

Revised arrangements for Genomic Education Programme faculty symposium in September

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