The Expo Personalised Medicine Zone will play a major role in showcasing how Genomics is transforming how the NHS delivers care

The UCL institute of child health are hosting an introduction to how genomics applies to clinical practice

Less-invasive method touted as potentially revolutionary for cancer care – could this mean the end for tissue biopsies?

Examining the genetic roots of cardiac conditions and how further research could bring benefits to patients

Revised arrangements for Genomic Education Programme faculty symposium in September

Join us in September to learn the skills and knowledge required to recruit and consent patients to the 100,000 Genomes Project

Plymouth University develop a programme of free educational modules for all healthcare professionals working in primary care

Genomics is changing the future of healthcare and medicine - what does this mean for health professionals and their practice?

Imperial College London hosting open event to showcase a selection of their Master’s programmes

Data sharing review puts focus on challenges surrounding use of patient information for healthcare research

Important information for those seeking funding for our Master's programme on a part-time basis

First patient from West of England Genomic Medicine Centre recruited to 100,000 Genomes Project

Latest genomic research explores genetic risk of excessive weight gain - are the causes of obesity environmental or is the answer in our DNA?

New report from maternity care trial puts focus on potential implementation of prenatal testing into the NHS

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