As research reveals ancient viruses lurk in our DNA, can genomics provide the missing link in treatment of modern disease?

Exeter will join nine other providers in the UK securing the institution’s position as a leader in the field

Recent research provides substantial and surprising evidence of the genetic effect on mental health 

A new collaborative project designed to get us talking about genomics is looking for your feedback  

As Scotland joins the 100,000 Genomes Project, we explore the impact of their investment and potential for further international links

Brad Horn, one of our funded Master’s students, tells us why there has never been a better time to learn about genomics

Genomics study programme aimed at all NHS healthcare professionals in England

New genomic research offers insight into pancreatic cancer and a possible treatment revolution

The GEP's educational videos are supporting the incorporation of genomics into mainstream medicine 


Recent developments show how genetic insight can help to combat the 'forgotten plague' that continues to kill

Satishkumar Krishnan, one of our funded students on the Master’s in Genomic Medicine, tells of his experience and motivation.


The University of Exeter Medical School is launching a new, free, online course using its diabetes expertise to illustrate the clinical application of genomics

Image of child having diabetes test

Doctor Imran Rafi talks about his experience as a funded student on our new Master’s in Genomic Medicine at Cambridge University

masters blog imran rafi

Studies of the genome and epigenetics are revealing influences that can extend or accelerate lifespan

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