Head to the bar for your Pint of Science

This year’s science festival covers all kinds of genomics-related topics, from jumping genes to microscopic worms. Find out what’s happening near you

Kicking off next week – 20-22 May – this year’s Pint of Science has even more to offer those interested in learning about fun and fascinating scientific discoveries.

No prior knowledge is needed – this is simply a chance to meet, listen to and enjoy a pint with some of the brilliant minds responsible for the future of science.

We’ve scoured the list of 600+ events for any that fit within the genomics theme. Some are more relevant to healthcare than others, but they should all provide an inspiring insight into the latest ideas and developments. You can see the list below, though don’t delay – some events are already selling out.

If you’d like to go beyond genomics, take a look at the Pint of Science website. From ‘Exploding stars and robots’ to ‘Music and the mind’, there’s plenty to enlighten and entertain any audience.


Gene genies – 22 May


Are you kidneying me? – 21 May

Researching the rare to understand and treat the common – 21 May

The genomic revolution: searching for a cure for the 1 in 17 – 22 May

Let’s get genomical – 22 May


A rare one – 21 May

Delving into dementia – 21 May

Immunity and trauma – 21 May

Deciphering dementia – 22 May


Cancer: past, present and future – 21 May

Coventry & Warwickshire

It’s in your genes – 20 May

Let’s get physical – 22 May


‘Seeing’ synbio – 22 May


Tiny science: genes and cells – 22 May


Infectious disease and me – 22 May


Signal failure – 20 May

Matter over mind – 22 May


Exploring the moral maze – 20 May


Human beings 2.0 – 20 May

Bad genes, jumping genes and evolution – 20 May

Genomes: our body’s most private information – 21 May

Let it do its job – it’s DNA! – 22 May


Big diseases – 22 May


DNA architects: rewriting the rulebook for life – 20 May

Cell | seq | byte – 22 May

A blind date with DNA: has science gone too far? – 22 May


Designer humans: mastering evolution or dystopian nightmare? – 20 May

Genetic code-breaking – 21 May

New genes? – 21 May


Brain cells & worms v. dementia & Parkinson’s! – 21 May


Know your enemy: how to identify bacteria and treat infections – 20 May

The dangers of the modern world (and what science is doing about it) – 21 May


Cancer research today: the story from behind the lab bench – 20 May


Bloody cell! – 22 May


Inside your cells – 21 May

Our body at war – 22 May