Genomics Specialist Careers: meet the genomic scientists

What is a genomic scientist? How do the scientists working in genomics contribute to finding answers for patients? Find out in our new resource

As genomic testing becomes ever more important in our health service, people want to know more about the specialists at the helm of this revolution in medicine. Our ‘Genomics Specialist Careers’ resource has been developed to shine a light on these professions and explain more about each of the specialist roles. In our newest and final resource, we introduce the scientists.

Specialist knowledge and skills

The scientists working in genomics come from a range of different educational and professional backgrounds and perform a variety of roles within the genomics multidisciplinary team.

Our new resource introduces scientists in different roles and at various stages in their careers: trainee Djemilah Gordon, who is working in cancer genomics; Jake Miller and Ronnie Wright – clinical scientist and senior genetic technologist at North West Genomics Laboratory Hub; and Professor Rachel Butler and Professor Sian Ellard, senior clinical scientists with many years of experience at the cutting edge. The scientists explain how they contribute to finding answers for patients by using in-depth scientific knowledge and specialist skills in the processing and analysis of patient samples.

As the field of genomic medicine grows, there is a need for more people to specialise in this exciting area of science. Our new resource outlines some of the routes into genomic science and showcases just how rewarding and challenging a career in this fast-moving area can be.

The wider genomics team

This new resource forms part of an established series that looks at the roles of the various professionals within the ‘genomics team’. As well as the scientists, you can learn more about clinical bioinformaticians, genetic counsellors and clinical geneticists as part of the series.

The resource can be found on our website alongside other educational resources, and all of the films are available on our Vimeo and YouTube channels, where you can also find educational films on a whole range of subjects.