Changing practice and building a cohort of ‘genomics ready’ health professionals

The Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework is an educational programme designed to provide healthcare professionals with a multidisciplinary perspective on genomics and its applications in healthcare.

It is a flexible framework offering a range of qualifications. Individuals can undertake continued personal and professional development (CPPD) modules, a postgraduate certificate or diploma, or a full Master’s degree.

NHS professionals can apply for course funding. Funding is currently available for standalone CPPD modules up to 31st March 2021, though you may be able to complete further modules to lead to a postgraduate qualification. Please see the ‘Funding rules’ section of your chosen module(s) for information.

The purpose

The Master’s framework is intended to support NHS healthcare professionals in developing their knowledge of genomics and how it can be applied to clinical practice and medical research, so they can:

  • Engage

    Liaise with specialist services, colleagues and patients.

  • Educate

    Be involved with the teaching and training of colleagues and students.

  • Inform

    Take part in policy discussions.

  • Research

    Develop clinical academic research careers.

The history of the Master’s

Initiated in 2014, the Master’s was one of the first major initiatives devised and delivered by the Genomics Education Programme (GEP).

The curriculum was first developed by the GEP in collaboration with NHS England and Genomics England, and was fully reviewed and revised in 2018.

A selection of Russell Group universities were commissioned to deliver the framework, and the first intake of funded students began study in 2015.

To date, the GEP has funded more than 1,500 NHS professionals to participate. Read on for some of our alumnis’ feedback.

"With so much valuable information is coming through from the 100,000 Genomes Project, I  feel that learning about genomic medicine now will help us to transform the face of medicine during our careers."

Sunayna, Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatrics

"Don’t worry if you haven’t got a genetics or molecular biology background, as the staff were very supportive and put on extra tutorials when needed."

Elizabeth, Midwife

"This Master's is helping me a lot in my work and allowing me to contribute to improving the service in my institution."

Ruff, Master's student

"This course opened up my eyes on how genomics will be pivotal across healthcare, probably without exception to any of the disciplines."

Ibrahim, Biomedical Scientist

"If anyone looking at this course can't decide if they want to go for it, I can only encourage you to have a go! It's one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Sophie, Student

The curriculum

The Master’s framework curriculum comprises the following modules – click on each module’s link for further information about the course content.

Some universities have developed additional modules to further enhance and expand the Master’s framework. View our Education page to see all the available courses.

Our university partners

We are proud to work with these world-leading universities to deliver the Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework.