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This free quiz-styled teaching resource is a fun way for educators to explore genetics and genomics concepts, and how they’ll be encountered in a modern healthcare system. Useful as an add-on to existing teaching materials, or as a stand alone activity, this digital resource brings the success of The Genomics Game into a virtual learning environment. They are downloadable as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Which file is right for me?

This PowerPoint pack has been developed to allow educators to incorporate the quiz into existing teaching plans, slide decks and resources.

  • If you will be using it in a place with a reliable and good internet connection, consider using the file: The Genomics Game (quiz): full version for online use.
  • If you have minimal preparation time, want a spontaneous activity or want only the quiz slides, consider using the file: The Genomics Game (quick-start, questions only quiz).
  • If you will be using it in a place with poor, no or unreliable internet connection, we have provided ‘Supplementary file 3’ and ‘Supplementary file 4’ which together have the complete game and can be used offline.

We have provided the information slides’ notes for educators in ‘Supplementary file 1’ and the quiz’s answer key in ‘Supplementary file 2’, for your use too.

For more information on The Genomics Game (quiz), please see its main webpage.