Taught Courses

Prepare for the future of healthcare. Enhance your knowledge and skills in the rapidly evolving field of Genomic Medicine.

In addition to our full Master’s in Genomic Medicine, we also offer a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and individual Professional Development modules with funding available for NHS healthcare professionals working in England.

What our Students are Saying

"This course opened up my eyes on how genomics will be pivotal across healthcare probably without exception to any of the disciplines.

Ibrahim, Biomedical Scientist

"I hope this will lead to a wider range of job opportunities and give me that extra step when opportunities come up.

Katherine, Nurse

"The MSc course has been invaluable in giving me a very broad complete introduction in genomic medicine and much deeper insight into NGS sequencing, analysis and the place for this in clinical practice. I would definitely recommend this MSc as an excellent transition into genomic medicine.

Claire, IBD Pharmacogenetics Research Manager

"This course will definitely give me options around doing a PhD or working in labs and will be invaluable for making useful connections and networking.

Joshua, Biomedical Graduate

"Currently, one of my many roles ties in to the collection of tissue for the 100K Genome Project. Whilst not directly part of pathology, a surgical team or the clinical services at UHCW, Arden Tissue Bank forms part of the interface between these areas and the 100K Genome project. As such, completing the MSc will benefit my current job role in that it will allow me to become more familiar with all areas of the project and the technical/planning aspects of the work.

Dr White, Senior Biomedical Assistant