Join our third #GenomicsConversation!

Join us as we bust myths, challenge misconceptions and explain the facts about the impact of genomics in nursing

On Monday 16th March, the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) will launch its third #GenomicsConversation week of action. Bigger and better than ever before, this year we are focusing on nursing practice and the impact of genomics on patient care – particularly on areas where uncertainty and misconceptions may arise.

Co-ordinated myth-busting activities

Leading up to and during the week, a number of free activities will take place both online and offline across the country. These include the launch of new podcasts, a Twitterchat and several regional events hosted by our NHS education and training partners.

We will also be publishing a collection of myth-busting blog posts, as well as holding an ‘Ask the expert’ session where nurses can get answers to their genomics queries and conundrums. Last but not least, we’ll be exploring the facts around genomics in our ever-popular genomics quiz.

New for 2020

For the 2020 campaign, the GEP has co-produced two special myth-busting podcasts. The first sees the GEP once again join forces with the Genetics Society for a special episode of Genetics Unzipped: ‘No such thing as the perfect genome? Myths and misconceptions in genomics’.

The second podcast is a new collaboration with the RCNi, who joined the GEP to interview leading experts including Professor Mark Radford about what genomics is and why it is important to nurses and nursing practice.

Join the chatter

On Tuesday 17th March, the GEP is co-hosting a Twitterchat: What role does popular culture play in healthcare? on the @WeNurses platform. During the chat, we will explore the ways in which popular culture brings the latest advances in healthcare into the public’s consciousness. And we will ask participants to share their strategies for dealing with patient questions that can arise from media coverage.

To support the discussion, we have developed a short podcast that introduces the topic and provides some context and background information, which we will be releasing on Twitter ahead of the chat.

Events calendar

You can see a full calendar of events on our #GenomicsConversation page, and also look out for regular updates on Twitter and Facebook. There is also a social media toolkit available, so you can show your support and kick-start your #GenomicsConversation with colleagues and patients.

In the meantime, if you would like to begin your genomics learning journey, we have a wide range of free online courses and resources, all available via our Education collection.