Updates on key developments in genomics

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Career tips for genetic technologists and scientists: a conversation with Jennie Bell

Career advice for new genetic technologists and scientists from genomics lab director, consultant clinical scientist and GTAC professional lead Jennie Bell
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Our genomic future

Three experts consider the direction of travel for genomics — and the projects that will help us get there
In this illustration, a man in the foreground looks up at a signpost pointing in lots of different directions as he walks along a path. A woman nearby holds a clipboard and looks at two identical sheep in the distance. A man in the background gesticulates at a computer. They are all either walking along or standing on a path that winds through hills into the distance.

Professional journeys into genomics: A long and winding road

In this final instalment of our 2024 Genomics Conversation blog series, we ask Amy, Bernadette, Jessica, Marianne and Tobi how they feel about the future of genomic medicine

From patient to advocate

Helen White tells us how her own diagnoses compelled her to carve a path in representing others
In this illustration, a man in an orange jacket looks through an oversized pair of binoculars into the distance. He is walking along a path, which winds up and down hills out of sight. In the background is a woman looking at a statue of a book. A statue of a pedigree sits nearby.

Professional journeys into genomics: Delving deeper

In the second part of our blog series for this year’s Genomics Conversation, our group of NHS healthcare professionals explains the power of genomics education in their practice
This illustration shows a woman with long dark hair walking along a path looking down at a map. She is surrounded by hills and buildings, and the path leads off into the distance. Behind her stands a zebra. She is walking past a double helix statue.

Professional journeys into genomics: Taking the first step

In this blog series for the 2024 Genomics Conversation, NHS healthcare professionals from medicine, nursing, pharmacy and midwifery share their inspiring genomics journeys

Genomics on the front line: GLHs and GMSAs

The scientific and clinical arms of the Genomic Medicine Service have made a huge contribution to the journey of genomics in the NHS
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Genomic technologies: where are we now?

Our ambitions for our patients are only as good as our methodologies. We take a look at the technology that underpins the revolution
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How far we’ve come, how far we’ll go: 10 years of the GEP

The Genomics Education Programme (GEP) began in the summer of 2014 with big dreams, a small team, and a lot of work to do
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Career tips for clinical geneticists: a conversation with Dr Alex Murray and Dr Rhian Thomas

Dr Alex Murray and Dr Rhian Thomas – GTAC clinical genetics professional lead and education specialist, respectively – offer advice for early-career practitioners

New bowel cancer screening launches for Lynch syndrome patients

Thousands of people in England at risk of bowel cancer will benefit from world-first preventative programme
genomic counselling

Three career tips for genetic counsellors: a conversation with Dr Laura Boyes

Dr Laura Boyes, consultant genetic counsellor and GTAC genomic counselling professional lead, shares advice for new and aspiring practitioners
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Rethinking insurance and genomic testing: the evidence

The DHSC's recent call for evidence received 57 responses from organisations and individuals, who voiced concerns and offered suggestions for future amendments

Post-stroke and mini-stroke prescribing: NICE calls for comments

NICE is inviting comments around genomic testing for post-stroke prescriptions of clopidogrel ahead of its treatment-influencing July publication

New Lynch syndrome registry ‘game-changing’ for patients

England’s latest Lynch syndrome patient database may transform the disease’s detection and monitoring, becoming a blueprint for other genomic diseases
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Mind the gap: Five initiatives to boost genomic data diversity

White-ancestry genomes dominate genomic projects; here are five notable biobanks recruiting from under-represented populations to bridge the genomic gap
A computer manipulated photo of a hand holding a pair of self-locking medical tweezer scissors and DNA helixes. The tweezer scissors are removing a small red section that is on one of a DNA helixes.

Hereditary angioedema gene therapy hope

A CRISPR-based genome therapy has shown promising results for patients with a rare genetic swelling disorder
An illustration of a pair of lungs that are filled with various circles of different colour and size. Some smaller circles are floating outside of the lungs.

Metagenomic testing for diagnosis and surveillance – two birds, one stone

A new approach for faster diagnosis of respiratory infections could also help monitor potential outbreaks of bacterial or viral diseases
An illustration of a saliva sample tube with a red lid and a cotton swab inside the tube. The background is a mid-green colour.

BRCA testing for people with Jewish ancestry

NHS England has launched a testing service for people with Jewish ancestry to see if they carry a potentially harmful BRCA variant
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Sepsis – DNA fragments may offer a key to diagnosis

A new ‘bedside’ test that quantifies webs of DNA is now being trialled in the NHS to help identify potential sepsis