Join the GEP for a national week of action to get healthcare professionals talking about genomics

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Our #GenomicsConversation week takes place annually and features a host of fun, engaging activities for healthcare professionals. The goal for the week is to spark a conversation about genomics and increase familiarity with the topic across the NHS workforce. You can find out more about our previous campaigns below.

With the NHS Genomic Medicine Service bringing equity of access to genomic testing for the first time, it has never been more important for healthcare professionals to be able to talking confidently about genomics and signpost patients to relevant information and services.

The week features a number of free activities and resources, including events, podcasts, online courses and educational resources, as well as our popular genomics quiz.

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What is the Genomics Conversation?

The genomics conversation is an annual week of activity to raise awareness of genomics among health professionals.

  • Learn

    The week features a number of free activities designed to raise awareness of genomics and its impact on patient care.

  • Share

    Participants can spread the word on social media and in person with colleagues and friends.

  • Connect

    Come together with peers and genomics experts in our online chats and panel events.