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New bowel cancer screening launches for Lynch syndrome patients

Thousands of people in England at risk of bowel cancer will benefit from world-first preventative programme

New Lynch syndrome registry ‘game-changing’ for patients

England’s latest Lynch syndrome patient database may transform the disease’s detection and monitoring, becoming a blueprint for other genomic diseases
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BRCA testing for people with Jewish ancestry

NHS England has launched a testing service for people with Jewish ancestry to see if they carry a potentially harmful BRCA variant

NICE recommendations broaden patient access to cancer drug olaparib

The use of the targeted therapy has been expanded to include certain types of breast, prostate, ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers
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The role of genes in susceptibility to skin cancer

The UK is no sun-drenched paradise, but skin cancer is common among the population. As summer ends, we consider new research that may offer an explanation as to why
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Can you spot the hidden genomics?

We've put together eight short healthcare scenarios where genomics may play a part. See if you can work it out, and click to reveal if you're right

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Watch new ‘perspectives’ film series online

Patients present three different stories of the power, potential and pitfalls of genomic testing
A doctor sits in a chair with a clipboard on his lap and a pen in his hand. He is mid-conversation with the patient opposite him, who sits up on a hospital bed and leans slightly forward.

GeNotes Oncology: 30+ new articles added

The NHS England National Genomics Education Programme has expanded its oncology GeNotes collection with the addition of 34 new articles, covering a broad range of patient presentations, genomic testing guidance and further learning.
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Genomics in the NHS: A clinician’s guide to genomic testing for cancer (solid tumours)

Join our new two-week online course for a practical guide to the genomic testing pathway for solid tumours

Join our new solid tumour course evaluation team

Be one of the first to complete and review our new online course for clinicians unfamiliar with requesting genomic testing


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The Festival Of Genomics & Biodata 2024

The annual Festival of Genomics and Biodata returns to London on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 January 2024.