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NICE recommendations broaden patient access to cancer drug olaparib

The use of the targeted therapy has been expanded to include certain types of breast, prostate, ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers

How the NHS will embed genomics into pharmacy practice

We take a closer look at the new three-year strategic framework for integrating genomic medicine into pharmacy education and training

A newcomer's takeaways from the Genomics Healthcare Summit

E-learning designer Jakob Whitfield offers two personal takeaways from NHS England’s 2023 summit on genomics in healthcare
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Pharmacogenomics: The future of preventing adverse drug reactions

In the second part of our pharmacogenomics blog series, we look at how new research could lead to a more effective application of drugs

Point-of-care genomic testing suggested for stroke patients

NHS stroke patients would benefit from a one-hour genomic test, given at the point of care, to see if clopidogrel should be given, a NICE draft report suggests

A ‘world first’ in pre-emptive pharmacogenomic testing

Researchers show a 30% reduction in adverse reactions to common clinically prescribed drugs through pharmacogenomic testing

The NHS's new strategy for genomics: Five key takeaways

We look at the new ‘Accelerating genomic medicine in the NHS’ report and what it means for healthcare professionals

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New pharmacogenomics elearning now live

Pharmacists can learn about how genomics is impacting on their practice, and what they can do in this open access resource

New framework for upskilling the pharmacy workforce in genomics

The National Genomics Education programme has developed a strategic framework with a three-year approach to integrating genomic medicine into pharmacy education and training
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Popular funded genomics course returns

Healthcare professionals keen to learn about genomics can apply for a funded place on this popular course delivered by the University of the West of England


Pharmacogenomics in the NHS: Future Prospects

On Thursday 7 March 2024 the Pharmacogenomics in the NHS: Future Prospects event is being held at The Spines, Paddington Village, Liverpool, with a focus on pharmacogenomics in the NHS
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The Festival Of Genomics & Biodata 2024

The annual Festival of Genomics and Biodata returns to London on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 January 2024.